Bedford Hospital NHS Trust And The Local Community

Catering for 270,000 people in the immediate area plus those who pass through the Shires borders on a daily basis. Added to which the many outreach patients that utilise this hospital's essential Vascular programme, makes Bedford Hospital a very busy place. Not that you would notice. It's calm outlook and fully trained staff are some of the most professional in the country and it has to be. Their accident and emergency ward operates 24 hours a day and can be called into action t any time within a minutes notice.

Many hospitals today have facilities and services on site to make your visit more pleasant and Bedford is no different. A couple of shops for daily essentials and baby stuff and two restaurants with a 24 hour vending machine area can cater for the patients needs night or day, and for visiting family and friends also.

This 420 bed hospital operates from two buildings. The South wing and the North Wing. With the majority of services offered from the South Wing building. Parking is readily available although local public transport by bus and rail links with a park and ride are also very good and within timely and easy walking distance.

While Bedford Hospital is proud of all their nurses and doctors, there are two stand out departments which should receive a special mention. Firstly the Vascular Department, while the hospital itself has applied for Foundation Trust status, it continues to grow its Vascular services with the addition of a new vascular Endovascular aortic repair machine.

The maternity ward is also quite famous in these parts, delivering no less than 3600 babies in 2011 - not all from the same woman mind you. The Maternity Ward is a dedicated women and children's unit available in the Cygnet Wing. A ward which recently refurbished their delivery suite and added an additional birthing pool funded by the Bedford Hospitals Charity.

  • Treatment Plans

    People go to hospital for a variety of reasons, but one of their most important functions is to advise upon medical treatments. While your doctor can provide a lot of information regarding your treatment plan, it doesn't hurt to aim to educate yourself further in the subject.

  • Dental Treatments

    Good dental care is incredibly important to general health, while bad dental care can lead to significant health concerns, which is why having high quality dental treatment centres is so essential to public health.


Bedford Hospital is also a great place to work and operate in, as well as to further your career should you be a doctor or nurse seeking new employment. The NHS Trust greatly believes in equality and diversity ad welcomes employees and staff from all backgrounds.

No matter whether you are a staff member, inpatient or visitor you will also find solitude and entertainment in the form of the Bedford Hospital Radio station which welcomes visitors and entertains patients throughout the stay with a variety of music and chat shows.